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So am I really what I say I am, I can tell you all the things I can do for you and you might take me at my word but if you really want to know what it’s like to work with me then here are a few comments from people I have worked with, trained and supported along their journey…… after all they’re the ones you need to listen too.


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Avalanche Coaching
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by Anonymous on Avalanche Coaching

Thank you so much for giving up your time on Wednesday 10th July to attend the St Paul’s Catholic School Work Related Learning Event and for speaking to our students.

We have now had an opportunity to look at the student feedback which overall has been highly positive, with students rating their day as extremely interesting and enjoyable, resulting in the majority of our students requesting more and longer sessions. They commented that the information presented from the sessions they attended was very informative and gave an insight into working in that field/sector. Students also mentioned how helpful they found the session and that they enjoyed the opportunity of meeting with you.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the continued support that you have given our students, we really do appreciate this and look forward to working with you again.

by St Pauls School on Avalanche Coaching
Supporting Our 6th Formers

Tina has kindly worked with our 6th Form pupils for many years both in an assembly and presentation context and leading workshops for smaller groups. Our pupils have benefited greatly from Tina’s business and management expertise. Particularly our Level 2 BTEC pupils who’s next step is often to find employment or an apprenticeship. The programme has given them insight into a business environment as well as scenarios and top tips for CV writing, workplace etiquette, interview techniques and the power of body language, speech and facial expressions.

Tina’s down to earth and firm but fair approach allows the students to feel comfortable, confident and willing to ask questions and participate in discussions. Majority of our pupils were very successful in their work experience placements this year as a result of completing Tina’s workshop prior to their course placement.

We hope to continue our good working relationship with Tina and Avalanche Coaching for many years to come in order to continue to support the success of our 6th Formers.

by Annoynemous on Avalanche Coaching
121 Coaching

I have recently signed up to Tina's 121 coaching program and within our first couple of meetings I ca already see the benefits.I am looking forward to the next few sessions where we really drill into my fears of promotion at work, I have already decided to go for a new role and I am so excited to have Tina on this journey with me.

by Sarah on Avalanche Coaching
Goal Setting Program

Having worked in elite sport and personal development coaching for a fair while I thought I knew all about goal setting! I signed up for Tina's course really to help focus my mind on a goal I had to set! But boy what a course! Not only did the course help focus my mind on what I wanted to do but the clear and easy way it was explained as well as new ways of looking at things really helped not only to clarify the goals but also push them forward in a huge way.

by Ali on Avalanche Coaching
Goals to Reality

I have had a goal for sometime and I thought I was working towards it, until I took part in Tina's challenge and I realised how wrong I was, the steps created makes it easier to remain focused and within such a short space of time I was seeing how my goal could actually happen this time.

by Nicky on Avalanche Coaching
Goal Setting

I found myself feeling useless and not knowing where I was going due to some issues with a trainer at work. After some support and motivation from Tina I felt so much better and able to not only cope with work but even set some goals for progression. I have recommended the course to some friends at work who feel like I did this time last year as I believe the support offered me has made me a stronger person who can succeed.

by Adina on Avalanche Coaching
Dream to Goal to Reality

Wow, what a week! I have just finished the Goal Setting Challenge that Tina ran in her FB group, and Im buzzing! I have gained so much clarity of where I want to take my business in the next couple of months, AND HOW to take it there. Tina's challenge was easy to follow, thought-provoking and focused on taking action every single day. The support was second to none too.
Im happy I took part in the challenge and I also won a prize! Such a surprise!!! Isn't that amazing? To be awarded for your hard work!
As a coach myself I make the difference from a good coach and a great coach. Tina is definitely a great one and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get more clarity on their goals!

by Rachel on Avalanche Coaching
Goals & Support

I found the goal setting and all the challenges a great help. Breaking the goal down into chunks & making it smart really help you understand if it's achievable and that you can do it! Thank you Tina for all your help, I look forward to reaching my goal!!

by Lynne on Avalanche Coaching
121 Coaching

Such wonderful support and someone who pushes you further than you thought you could go. No bullshit and no excuses. Just results.

by Vicky on Avalanche Coaching


You truly are one of life's gems. Everywhere I turn, you are giving praise and support to someone.

I hope Karma serves you well and you have it coming in bucket loads.


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