All About Me

Who Am I

I started my business in 2016 after 14 years in management, training & coaching. After a car accident meant I had to give up the job I loved.

I started my own business to continue helping people the way I had been for years and keep doing what I loved, whilst managing my new condition and focusing on my health.

I help businesses provide leadership training to their teams, I facilitate and coach new managers, existing managers and teams to expand their knowledge and learn new skills, to enhance the skills they have and continue to grow in their roles.

We are always learning and I believe we show up better when we continue to grow in our careers.

Alongside my facilitation work, I also support students who are either struggling to meet grades and academic studies or have found themselves behind where they thought they would be. I help them put aside their fear of grades and work out who they really are, what they love doing and working from their own passions we find careers that are build around them and what they are good at.

I believe strongly that the youth of today, who will be the leaders of tomorrow, are asked to decide what job they want to to so early, before they even know who they are and then try to mould themselves into that role and then they wonder why they are unhappy. I help them to work out what careers are out there based on the skills they already possess, so they find a career that lights them up, lets them grow and uses skills that already part of them.

There are many ways you can work with me

  • 121 coaching
  • Group workshops
  • Talks & presentations

I can create bespoke workshops to fit your business or education centre, or you can chose from one of my workshops already created and ready to deliver. You can get in touch with me and lets talk about ways I can help you further.


Rising Star Award in Education & Academia – a Video from the awards evening


  • Fellowship ILM
  • Fellowship CMI
  • Association for Coaching


  • ILM L6 Leadership & Management
  • ILM L5 Coaching, Leadership and Management
  • ILM L3 Coaching and Mentoring
  • ILM L3 Team Leading and Management
  • ILM L2 Workplace Coaching
  • First Line Management and Leadership
  • Oxford Open Learning – Writing for Business
  • Train the Trainer (2011)
  • Facilitation & Public Speaking
  • L2 Behaviour That Challenges in Children

Where have I been & where you can see my work

I have been interviewed on podcasts, had articles published and have spoken at events. Here are some of the places where you can see what I have done and see samples of my work, this is a small selection so feel free to have a chat with me more.

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Podcasts & Interviews

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