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Hi all,

Welcome I’m Tina McDonald, I work with professional people who are seeking a greater work / life balance, people who want to progress further, grow their business, get back to work or manage their own performance without sacrificing their personal or family life.

What do you get from the group
After 14 years of management coaching people in work, using my coaching tools, challenges and events to keep you on track, the guidance from me plus the hard work from you, means you will reach your goals.

This group is a place for you to raise or share anything that is stopping you from getting where you want to be at work or home, you will find like minded people here who will be able to offer support and experiences, you are not alone. This is a place to develop and grow, if you raise a problem you will be supported in making the change to move forwards, so no dwelling or moping, just genuine support to help you.

Sharing and caring
For those of you who want to share your business or offers, there will be regular themed opportunities to do this, as a guest I ask that it is only done on the days specified, however, I ask you to engage and interact with the group, therefore I would only expect to see your advertisement if you have been active in the group. The 80/20 rule is a good rule of thumb, we want engagement not just adverts.

Any spamming will result in you being removed, that is not what this group is for.

Links must also only be shared on specified themed days however if you feel it can help a subject being discussed it will need to approved by admin to ensure it’s authenticity and avoid any problems for members who attempt to use them.

Please feel free to add members to the group but please ask them first, no-one wants to be dragged along to a group they didn’t know about.

My role
I will be sharing free downloads and support and from time to time will be offering services that form part of my business, as Admin of the group I reserve the right to share these when applicable

If you have any issues with comments or posts I ask you scroll past them, I reserve the right to remove anything I deem inappropriate for my group.

All advice provided by other members will be of their own opinion and not represent that of the Admin, any support offered by Admin will be based on my experience, no medical advise will be offered and swearing or crudity will not be tolerated, this is not a dating site, I want everyone to feel comfortable sharing. If it’s not productive or kind, please don’t share it.

Lets keep it friendly and happy, after all its all about helping everyone stay professional and get the best from their lives.

Everyone is welcome to join but please make sure you come ready to take part and engage we want quality not quantity, any ideas you have to keep the group alive and kicking are welcome.

Thanks all and welcome

Tina McDonald