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Workshops & Courses with Avalanche Coaching

Avalanche Coaching provides excellent courses and workshops for your business, it not only provides a range of leadership & management courses but also soft skills too.

Here is a list of the courses & workshops currently available however if theres a subject you can’t find here, please get in touch and discuss with me to discuss options. There are standard half day and full day trainings however most of these workshops can be written bespoke for your business and can be tailored to suit your current issues.

  • Career Advice & Progression
  • Preparing for Work
  • Performance Management
  • Introduction to Coaching
  • Work Ethic & Behaviour in the Workplace
  • Organisational Skills
  • Team Building
  • Effective Teams
  • Confidence Building
  • Assertiveness in the Workplace
  • Target Setting & Development
  • 121’s, Appraisals
  • Feedback
  • Early Leadership
  • Management Development
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Delegation
  • Presentation Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Interview Techniques
  • Coping with Change
  • Productivity & Time Management
  • Coping with Stress
  • Communication Skills
  • Staff Engagement

Instead of costs in recruitment & high staff turnover, train your staff right, invest in them, help them to be happy & competent in their roles so they want to stay with you & provide your customers with the best in both experience & understanding but also by being happy and engaged your customers get the best service too.

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