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Colleges & Schools with Avalanche Coaching

Avalanche Coaching provides excellent courses and workshops for your college or school, it not only provides a range of leadership & management courses but also soft skills too preparing students for the employment world.

Here is a list of the courses & workshops currently available however if theres a subject you can’t find here, please get in touch and discuss with me to discuss options. Workshops can be written bespoke for your college or school and can be tailored to suit your current issues.

Half day trainings are usually most popular but full days can be arranged

  • Career Advice & Progression
  • Preparing or work
  • Interview Techniques & CVs
  • Performance Management
  • Introduction to Coaching
  • Work Ethic & Ettiquette
  • Behaviour in the Workplace
  • Organisational Skills
  • Team Building
  • Effective Teams
  • Preparing for 121s & Appraisals
  • Productivity
  • Feedback
  • Managing Change
  • Time Management
  • Coping with Stress
  • Communication

Prepare your students for life at work once they leave and start their journey, give them the foundations they need to be strong employees.

Workshops can be adapted to support students who are embarking for the first time into the world of employment & help them to start off right.

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